Products for Constuctions

Tunnel and Constructions

Binding Agent and Accelerator for Construction Materials

In tunnel construction, sodium silicate is used as a setting accelerator, known as “spritz beton”.

Vetra produces a type of low alkalinity silicate that has passed CE EN 734-5, T.2 certifications, ensuring long-term compressive strength of the cement. Vetra’s accelerators do not pose any hazards or toxicity to workers.

Vetra can provide customized silicate formulations based on different types of cement and retardants, suitable for new technologies with automatic TBM machines. In this context, we can offer tailor-made products to chemical manufacturers in the construction industry for commercialization under their own brand.


  • Inorganic
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Good binding effect

Coatings for Construction

Additive for Paints, Plasters, and Construction Materials

In construction coatings, sodium silicate is used as a natural and eco-friendly consolidating agent in the form of a solvent-free aqueous solution. It is used for the breathable treatment of natural plasters, thermal plasters, and less consistent substrates.

It is ideal for Green Building restorations and historical buildings.

It is also used for interstitial consolidation of plaster.


  • Good color stability
  • Harmonious and matte surface finish
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior areas in new and old buildings
  • Excellent adhesion to mineral substrates through chemical cross-linking with the surface
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durable

Geological Applications

Soil Consolidation

Sodium silicate is an important accelerator and anti-washout agent used in soil consolidation techniques, such as jet grouting. Due to its low cost and high alkalinity, it is one of the main components of cementitious mixes that are injected into the soil to improve its compressive strength and make it impermeable to block the spread of pollutants. Mixes containing sodium silicate were used in large quantities around the Fukushima nuclear reactors in March 2011 to counteract the spread of radioactive liquids.


  • Particularly suitable for injections of both hard and soft gels.


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