About us

History and development

1982: Establishment of Radarchim Spa

1986: First shipment of Soda Ash to Italy

1988: First shipment of Sodium Silicate Glass to Italy

1996: First shipment of Soda Ash to Spain

2004: Establishment of Vetra Srl

2005: Start of production of Sodium Silicate Liquid

Operating profile

VETRA  produces various grades of liquid sodium silicate in its plant of Scarlino; main customer is the Huntsman Scarlino Plant where product is used for the production of titanium dioxide; other  customers are  in the civil works and intermediate chemicals sectors

Since the start-up of the plant, the purity of the product, the ability to cope with increases in production capacity, and the consistency of quality over time, have allowed Vetra to obtain qualification from the most demanding users in Italy.

Our aim

Since 1988 we have been distributing anhydrous sodium silicate in Italy and throughout the world, both in complete 30-ton trucks and by ship in loads of 1000 tons and up.

Since 2005 we have been producing liquid sodium silicate in Italy for some large customers.


Our strategy has always been to seek partnerships with world class companies on a long term prospective

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